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January 28th, 2022, 00:50
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I would imagine that if a woman posed as a Roman soldier and was discovered, in real life things would have gone much differently (and worse) for her than in this game. I don't think a female ex-gladiator would have become a member of a Legate's inner circle, either. I'm far from someone who insists on "historical accuracy" (which is often code for "I don't want women and dark complected people in my fantasy games"), but it would be strange if they acted as if women were the social equals of men, given the setting.
That's why I said its a difficult one. I understand Ex: Rome is alternative historical setting which is why you get to play female character but at the same time, it need to have some sort of disadvantage for female characters or the whole Rome setting falls apart (imo). Everyone will have different expectations and that's why I think there are so many angry posts around the issue (whether it be from those who think there shouldn't be female characters at all or those who think female characters are way too mistreated in the game).
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