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January 28th, 2022, 10:53
Originally Posted by Redglyph View Post
They must have made this game interesting for both genders, or they wouldn't have bothered at all. I think that had to be a delicate decision and they must have thought it through. I only replayed a part of the demo with a female character and the differences were different dialogues but nothing to discourage the player.

I found this review interesting; here's the part about playing as a woman legata ("legatus" is masculine):

In his review, Mortismal also said we had to play the game with both genders or miss a good part of it.
I have no doubt devs have put a lot of thoughts into it but from what I've read, the opinions are divisive depending on who's post you read

I'm not keen on playing male PC tho, purely because I suck at RPing male character.

Originally Posted by largh View Post
More than the male-female issue, I was expecting an outrage against racism. As far as I have understood, the Romans were among the more (or most) racistic cultures in the history. Have they really handled that side so well that there is no internet raging against the devs?
IIRC, there were quite a few posts regarding Bestia before the full release but they seem to be mostly gone from Steam forums now for whatever reason - hopefully because devs pulled it off with decent writing. If you go to Codex tho, there are a lot of complaints regarding this (I guess, that's typical of them tho)
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