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October 10th, 2020, 07:43

Last week I introduced the combat menu and how it can offer you tactical options besides basic attack. This time the story continues with the SHOVE mechanic.

Canonically in Space Wreck gravity is simulated on off world ships and stations by magnetic shoes and ferromagnetic surfaces where possible. However, should you detach from said surface, you'd be floating in zero-G (that's why knocked out characters can be seen floating in some previous GIFs). In combat this can be used to your advantage - if you pass a MELEE skill roll against opponents EVASION difficulty, you can hurl your adversary across the room until it will crash into something. While this is more of a positioning move, upon contact with e.g. wall, enemy will suffer a damage that is proportional to his/hers current carry weight - in other words - more loot in inventory, more hit points will be lost.

Possible uses: a great way to put some distance between you and your foes or a way to prevent being surrounded. Or just, you know, shoving off
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