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July 13th, 2019, 19:46
Originally Posted by purpleblob View Post
When did anyone say all we want is kill people? You seem to miss the point completely - I would like all NPCs to be killable because it adds immersion, and choices and consequences. As @lostforever already mentioned, if you make some characters immune to death, you can simply chuck a fireball to the area and be done with it - which cheapens the game play in my opinion. There was one quest in Expeditions: Viking that was especially memorable to me which involves possible death of a child - you had to defeat the enemies quick enough to rescue the child who was tied to a burning stake. Even if you fail to save the child, you've achieved your objective and could move on, but I really wanted to rescue the child at the expense of my party being injured. I'd say that is a good choices and consequences. Plus, you could even turn on an option to not to land critical hit on enemies which prevents killing them but potentially take longer to reach the child. I loved that quest - depending on how you play, you could rescue the child without killing the enemies. So what makes you think it's about just killing people?

Also, who are you to tell me what to play (or not to play)? But if you want to go down that route, maybe you should play Rust, you seem one dimensional enough to enjoy it
What *I* said in my two posts is that the most common benchmark for many players to measure how "immersive" a game is is whether or not you can indiscriminately kill NPCs. There are many ways one could measure freedom of action, and yet because of limited imagination, bloodthirstiness or who knows what, it so often comes down to "I can't kill anyone I want! Un-immersive!"

The example you give with Expeditions: Conquistador doesn't contradict anything I'm saying because that's a PLANNED quest with PLANNED outcomes. I'm not arguing and have not argued that the death of children is vertoben; I have said and am saying that being able to kill anyone in the game at any time is not reasonable and realistic in a game whose purpose is to tell stories with those characters, not if you expect the game to continue to function and have stories.

I don't know what the hell you're talking about with this fireball example. You plan to throw fireballs around in Cyberpunk 2077? You plan to wipe out city blocks? Why? Do you suppose that to be a plot point? I'm not telling you how to play. CDPR is telling you how to play, and you're throwing a hissy fit because "I wanna murder all the people I wanna murder cause immersion." I'M telling you that the structure of a story can't support killing any and all of its characters. If you had the power as a reader to plant a bomb on the first page of a novel and kill every character in it, you would have a one page novel.

It's ironic that you accuse me of being simplistic. You keep saying "it's not that I want to murder children, I want the OPTION to murder children!" Then why aren't you arguing so passionately for the option to do literally anything else? Try this thought exercise: imagine some ways in which interactions other than random murder are limited or restricted in a game. I'll bet you could come up with hundreds.
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