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December 25th, 2012, 05:36
I'm torn about larian tbh.

Divine Divinity was one of my childhood games and i'll always be thankful for larian for the experience that shaped and benchmarked my computer gamming in the years folowing that. One of my top 10 games of all times, i have a realy special connection with that game with numerous reasons i'm sure no one cares about so i'll leave it at that.

Beyond Divinity was a major disapointment, but still playable. It had its moments but all in all was not what i was hoping for.

Divinity 2 was a major disapointment for me, i can forgive larian because i know they were pressured into releasing a game that was not 100% on their own therms and later on they made everything possible to make it better. But still, it was strike 2 for me.

In my heart, all i wanted would be a Divine Divinity sequel. Not as in a new game, but realy just grab the game and keep going the story in the same engine but with a new land to explore. Nothing 3d fancy, nothing with the mentality that larian has now of "we must realy be inovative and brilliant or we will fail the fans", just a plain old Divine Divinity DLC i would be happy with…

But alas, Larian has gone the route of trying to risk their credibility by going extreme rebelious and diferently inovative… I realy realy hope i can get back my DD vibe on Original Sin. As per Dragon Commander i seriously dougt i'll get near it, but i'll check videos of it out of curiosity ofc.

All in all, best of wishes for Larian, i hope you suceed.
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