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November 26th, 2021, 00:26
I think there were a few misunderstandings with my comments.
XP exploits are common in many RPGs, it takes some time to remove all those spots. Ultimately it's not a real problem, up to the players to cheat/exploit and ruin their run if they really want to; there are often mods to do it anyway.
I am not talking about "complicated" exploits in any ways. I am talking about super obvious stuff. Like taking out a battery, putting in a battery, taking out a battery, putting in a battery.
Or: "Click, Inspect, click, inspect, click inspect, click inspect"
These give you level ups within seconds. This is something so obvious that it just shouldnt be in a release version of a game.

UI's not perfect, but it shows and does more than most do. For ex, ATOM shows nothing, Vagrus explains nothing, none of the Infinity games showed that much. Only few bigger games like Pathfinder and D:OS have a better (much better) UI.
But it's not about showing more or less. It's about showing things to you which don't help, or are incomplete. Because incomplete is not necessarily better than no information. It can be worse, because it sets you on the wrong path or makes it frustrating because what you think should happen doesnt happen. And the hit chance and the AP usage are just the prime examples.
Yeah, with the help of some viewers I figured out the formula, but until then I was constantly like "This doesnt make sense".

AP cost is shown for each ability. Either hover it and it'll show on the AP bar, or it's written below the icon. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant.
Yeah, once you got a weapon equipped and the skill learnt and you see the skill in your action bar you see the AP. But until then, for example if you just look at your skills and determine which skills would be useful - you can't. While you can see some values of a skill before learning it, AP costs are not shown. AP costs are however arguably the most important info.
If a skill does 150% damage of the normal attack, its still pointless if the normal attack only uses 1 AP instead of 3. These imbalances also occur quite a lot. I'd say that 80% of the weapon skills are never used as most often the base attack is the most useful in all situations.

Reloading individually: it's turn-based, so it's normal. You have to reload manually because you can choose between that or select another weapon, at different costs; it's also used to unjam. Frankly I don't see how else they would have done it. All turn-based games I know have an AP penalty for reloading, too.
Makes sense within combat. But what I meant is outside of combat. In other games characters would autoatically reload. Or you have a button to have everyone reload. Or you reload and can immediately switch to another character. Not in Encased.
In Encased you have to select one character and weapon, press reload, wait until the reload animation is done as the game basically "freezes", then switch to the next character (or weapon) and do the same, wait, and so on.
Or of couse you just ignore it, and go into combat with just 1 remaining shot in your magazine. But well√Ę‚‚¨¬¶that would be stupid.

Shift + click to split, no need to double-click. Ctrl + click to move everything directly (in loot / barter).
Nope, Shift+Click only works in "normal" inventory (e.g. where you equip an item). It's pretty pointless there to split anything though. In the barter or loot window Shift+Click doesnt work. There you need to doubleclick.

When you get Ursula, it becomes so much easier to craft.
Don't know who/what Ursula is, so cant argue there.
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