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November 26th, 2021, 11:02
We'll have to agree to disagree because none of those has ever bothered me, and that's coming from someone who's played Pathfinder just before (and I'm quite picky ).

Double-clicking, for example, works fine. I remember that in Solasta it was very finicky but I never had any trouble in Encased. You can drag items, too, which is pretty natural. It's strange that Shift doesn't work in barter, you should send a report from within the game because it seems to be an oversight.

Why would you need to know the AP cost outside of combat? That's when it's necessary. Some of it depends on other parameters, I suppose that's why it's not shown on the ability panel. But the hit chance and damage are, so you can see what parameters can be increased to get a better result.

If that's to plan the character progression from the start by tuning every parameter to get an optimal result, I think you may be overdoing it. There's a part of discovery like in any other game, so you can do that if you want once you're more comfortable with the system.

I don't have all my party members using guns, so I hardly noticed the reloading. One is using psionics and one hand-to-hand or melee. If that's really a problem for you, I'd suggest them a "reload all" functionality, or an automatic reload by the companions out of combat (at the risk of taking ammo you'd like to assign to someone else). They might find the idea interesting and it doesn't seem hard to add.

Don't hesitate to report the exploits you found either, that sounds like little oversights that are easy to fix.
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