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November 26th, 2021, 15:34
Originally Posted by forgottenlor View Post
@Kordanor. You can do this in any Elder Scrolls game and I've done it both in Skyrim and Morrowind. Sit in a guild, cast spells until your mana is out, rest & repeat. Its pretty boring, which is a hinderence in itself, but I don't find it more obnoxious than grinding out combats.
In Encased it's much, much faster though. This is super obvious and 0 effort. You get level ups within just seconds.

Why would you need to know the AP cost outside of combat? That's when it's necessary. Some of it depends on other parameters, I suppose that's why it's not shown on the ability panel. But the hit chance and damage are, so you can see what parameters can be increased to get a better result.
The thing is just that you get partial info. Partial info which is useless.
It's like if you asked me about the speed of 2 Cars. And I tell you Car 1 is 50km and Car 2 is 100km.
Now it's your job to sit in the car and see that Car 1 does these 50km in 30 minutes and Car 2 does the 100km in 2 hours. And if you assumed these would be per hour, you'd be wrong. Now…how much did I help with answering 50km and 100km?
In encased you have to have the skill and you have to have the weapon to have the skill in your action bar. Only then you are able to tell "ok, this skill is worthless, and so is the weapon".
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