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May 6th, 2013, 12:07
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I appreciate the kind words. I won't promise anything but you never know, I might surprise you (and myself) one day.

But I would have to violate one of my sacred rules: Never play a game before it is sufficiently patched. (Patience is a virtue that really pays off in PC gaming ).
No need to thank me

No matter what you may think of me - you can always expect my 100% honest opinion - and you're well articulated, no doubt.

Take e.g. this sentence of yours:
Rest asssured, I'll be right here ready to comment on such a review. So - what are you waiting for?
I perceive here a well exposed desire to lure me into a trap so that you can strike me down hard without any mercy and gloat over it .
That's aggression, really?

Well - I hope that our later exchange where we both put in smileys serves to demonstrate my actual attitude.

It was a just a reminder relating to the effort it takes to write a review that's going to be well received. Sort of a hint with some intended humor. Sorry if that came out as aggression - as it was anything but.

Again, I'm truly not a very aggressive person. I AM blunt and not very cordial, though.

Yes, we talked about this before but it is a different topic altogether, one that would result in an endless exchange of well argumented opinions with no chance of convergence .
Oh, I've had that very same conversation more times than I can count.

I've been called anything from a Nazi to clearly suffering from Aspergers syndrome. I understand the temptation to label me in that way, because it would be a comfortable explanation.

But I'm not a National Socialist - and I have far too much empathy and social awareness to qualify for Asperger




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