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May 7th, 2013, 01:11
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There are many good & intelligent posters on the Codex. (Felipepepe, Jaesun, Elwro, LundB, Strife79 … many more)
Unfortunately they have some people that troll for sport. And they expect you to troll back, if not you are "weak". Even normal answers will be interpreted as passive trolling. So many discussions are ending in personal attacks, if you don't react they get even angrier…
But most of the Codexians care for crpgs and that's good.
Calling me a troll instead of arguing my points is the exact reason I don't hang out on this place.

Incidentally, I like the good people you quoted, and I count myself among their delightful kind. For sharing my thoughts in this thread, I've received little but name-calling and personal attacks. Read my posts and the responses to it and ask yourself again who is kicking the ball and who is kicking the player.

If every disagreement here ends by people calling each other trolls, I'm not sure I see the point.
Originally Posted by Corwin
When I lock 'em, they STAY LOCKED!! Don't push your luck!!!!
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