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May 7th, 2013, 09:55
If we're exclusively aiming for gamers with a lot of experience (singleplayer or not) - I see two issues:

1. Determining what level of experience is required - and how to measure it.
2. Communicating successfully to the audience without experience.

You see, not all people who read reviews are as experienced as many of us are around here - and several here are obviously not "hardcore". Some people will not get much from a "hardcore" review - because they have no experience with the history of gaming and will not appreciate deep or complex mechanics if the game doesn't provide the things they're used to - otherwise.

I will not interfere with how Watch operates - and I'm perfectly ok with the decision to make it an exclusively hardcore/enthusiast site. Just as long as we realise the potential consequences.

On a personal note, I like being open to gamers of all kinds. Obviously, this is an RPG site - so that should be the focus. But, beyond that, I don't see why we should not allow less experienced and less "hardcore" people have their say.

I'm an enthusiast gamer and I have as much experience with gaming as it's possible to have for a person of my age. Even so - I'm fully capable of recognising when a reviewer isn't speaking to me - and I'm fully capable of not using it for guidance.

But that's me, and as I said - I have no right to speak for anyone else.

I look at Codex as a site that's much more exclusive - and there's a reason I don't visit very often.




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