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December 21st, 2020, 16:14
I've played for a few hours, it's really enjoyable so far! It's quite fun, too.

A lot of dialogs, and many options that gives the player enough freedom of choice in them, of little consequence for now since I'm still at the beginning. Good interaction with the environment too.

I also like the personality of the different categories of people. It's somehow a little caricatural, but the dialogs are quite consistent with each individual. The way you reply will get you little remarks or sneers, some things you say may change how they'll behave later. It makes the world more convincing.

It's hard to tell if that will remain the same throughout the whole game, and if there are more significant choices later on.

It still needs polishing, there are little bugs or rough edges here and there, but mostly "cosmetics" and nothing really impacting the gameplay.
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