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January 14th, 2021, 10:57
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
You know your game is a mess when seven years later bugs still aren't fixed.
It's not seven years, it's 23

Weren't a lot of those bugs or other ones in the original games? Bioware wasn't very good at QA, in both BG and BG2 they poured more and more until the last day, only to find out the game had thousands of bugs - the Bioware book mentions 15000 bugs in BG2, that had to be fixed during the last 3 months before release. Jaheira was apparently still full of bugs on release, for example, not sure how much was fixed after that.

The code was very badly written, "spaghetti code" as one of the devs put it. Beamdog had to deal with that and adapt it to new hardware, and fix what they could which sometimes broke something else, I don't envy their task. At least they persisted and from what I've seen, it's not bad at all.

I'm not sure Beamdog would have been as "colourful" as Larian if they had made BG3, but you can hardly compare what they had to go through with their Enhance Editions to making a new game from scratch.


For information, it's not just Baldur's Gate which benefits from the update:
- Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
- Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear
- Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
- Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Now we just need to find the source code for Icewind Dale II.
This question regularly comes back in their forums
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