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March 8th, 2021, 07:39
Escape from the Pit was my gateway into enjoying the worlds of Spiderweb, which subsequently got me to continue with the Avernum 2-3 remakes and then the Avadon Trilogy as well. I then went further back and despite the interface, finished Nethergate and quite enjoyed it. In 2020, I then played Avernum IV which had dungeons and fights that were oddly more compelling than Bard's Tale IV, which I also completed at the same time. Avernum V will be next…sooner or later.

I've had the Geneforge series in my steam library for awhile and have yet to seriously dip my feet in - but I don't really feel any urgent need to support this particular remake. I'm also yet to pick up "the Queens Wish". I'm quite content with the familiarity of the older games to be honest at this point and still have many titles to play. All in good time, as they say - no rush.
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