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April 10th, 2021, 12:19
Bloodborne is still mostly a cakewalk in NG+. The only ones that are still somewhat of a challenge are the bosses. But for some of them, like the Bloodstarved Beast which I had a nightmare fighting last time, I've found out borderline exploitative strategies. Nothing outside the options of what the game provides in abilities and items. But it's surprising how much knowledge and tactics there are buried in the game, if you look closely.

Of course, most of these strategies I would be unable to try and do in my first run, since they presume the permanent consumption of items that are limited. So considering I was already weak and scared, there's no way I would have the ability to perform extra things during the fight, besides just dodging and slashing. And if I would, I'd probably still fail, but also lose those limited items. But with courage gained from seeing how much stronger I am from the get-go, I now have the reaction time to actually try and pull off these tactics.

It's funny how the game is designed like that. The weaker and the more you try to protect yourself, and less willing to take chance, the bigger the hurdle you have to overcome. The stronger you are and easier the game is, the even more easier you can make it.

This newfound overpoweredness also allowed me to explore areas I'd only be able to later on. And it's a joy to see them this early. And not fall on my face.
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