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April 12th, 2021, 16:29
Still on kids' stuff?

Okay, Nezha Reborn is finally available on Netflix.
I had to stop watching and go away after half an hour (don't ask, RL stuff), but if the whole movie is like it's first 30 minutes, I'm gonna adore it.
Visually is impressive combining steampunk and cyberpunk, bikes, monsters and videogame aesthetics.

The story so far is about reincarnation of mythological creatures enveloped in a sort of dystopia where water is scarce and lives are ruined by an evil (monopolistic) company. Sadly I didn't watch it whole (yet) to see if the company ment here is EA, only disguised as water and not videogames distiributor.
In any case IMO this is as different from Disney as humanely possible. In a positive way.

Different ratings I found on internet:
Netherlands 6, PEGI 13, TV-14, 13+, Australia M (wtf?).

Of course I watch with subs!

Trailer, so you know what to check next on Netflix:
Toka Koka
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