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April 16th, 2021, 19:11
A few new suggestions from me… For some you'll probably need VPN or wait a week or a month till streams or theaters with those unlock in your area. Sad reality, here is hope again that geoblocking will one day stop being a thing and we'll all be laughing how idiotic it was.

A Writer's Odyssey (2021) - unique festival of someone's wild imagination, feels like playing a tripleA RPG designed by someone who cherishes good storytelling, a mustwatch.

Seobok (2021) - a mix of almost all possible genres, sadly not awsome as the result is a watchable action thriller with brilliant scifi. Those juicy scifi parts will bomb you with phylosophical questions about purpose of existing and it's such a shame the movie runtime was equally concentrated on what I may call - an actiony filler. Still, worth a watch.

Nobody (2021) - a grinding reality where every week feels the same, similar to your own life, suddenly shifts into a sheer madness for the protagonist here. Of course there is a twist on how and why, there will be action and blood while bodies will pile up. A mustwatch pic proof there is still hope for Hollywood.

Errementari (2017) - imdb bullshits again, this is not horror but a folktale for kids that covers naivity, ignorance, greeed and evilness. It is also a story about empathy and redemption. With great main characters and masks, sadly also with a few untalented support roles. Last time you saw a Basque (Euskera) movie was when? Well, time to watch your first, and trust me it is a good one!
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