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December 19th, 2006, 22:12
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i don't think there is any need for the commentary you provided in the intial post. this is 'rpgwatch' and news postings should be unbiased, not a place for people who post news to pimp one game and poop on another. leave that to the follow up comments.
Very good point and I completely agree - and apologize. Read the review as is - I'm removing my commentary, but putting it here for posterity.

By the time you finish reading this review, you'll pretty much know my complete opinion on everything related to Gothic 3. As I have completed the game and both of my reviews, I've opened myself up to reading reviews at other sites and found I missed a few things. First, I somehow overlooked comparing the game to Oblivion. Next, I failed to tear the game apart for failing to stop idiots who can't read manuals or on-screen text and who are ignorant of bartering systems from dumping all of their worldly posessions on one side of a balance and clicking 'Trade' and getting nothing in return. Finally, I should really have taken issue with the fact that the game didn't provide auto-saves at … um … level transitions … no … er … chapter ends … no, that isn't it … um … I dunno.
-- Mike
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