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January 4th, 2014, 21:17
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Avatar IS ment to be just CGI. Nothing more. And it didn't try to be something else.

Dunno what exactly was overrated in it. I mean, noone can say Avatar is a best melancholic drama ever - when it's not. Nor it tried to be.

Transformers is not CGI. I wish it was. Instead, it's a movie about Megan Fox boobs.
I don't know if avatar tried to be more than CGI. But I do know that having a huge budget of marketing and then getting a huge return on investment for that marketing sends wrongs signals to moviemakers/moneymakers about what needs to be put in a movie. Just throw cash at flooding the people marketing about a movie (also attach a big name director) and it'll sell like hotcakes. I'm sure they already know that, but movies like avatar just proves that they can still do that.

And granted, Transformers was that also, it also had amazing CGI. Better than Avatar imo. Or maybe I'm just more into huge robots fighting, than what Avatar had to show.
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