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February 26th, 2010, 09:33
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Caveat: I gave up on Avernum after 3. I gave up paying for Jeff's games about the same time. I do occasionally download the demos, but the gameplay is nearly identical to all the other games, so I never even finish that portion.
We have this conversation nearly every time. I completely understand your opinion - even though I don't agree.

But presumably Darou hasn't ever played any of Jeff's games, or he'd have an opinion as to their value (like you do). So, it's completely irrelevant if they're all the same, because this would still be new to him.

That makes the question: is it worth buying this one Spiderweb game for $28?

My answer: why not find out yourself? There is a large-ish demo. Titan Quest is fun (ish) but it's a hack'slash. For me, a big, traditional, turn-based CRPG is well worth it.
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