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February 26th, 2010, 17:50
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Titan Quest is an old and out of print game by a defunct publisher … I fail to get the comparison … I mean, Dragon Age and Mass Effect still sell for $65 with less game time than Avernum 6.

If you don't have the time to play, hold off.
I've gotta disagree here. TQ may be old, but it is still a better polished game than ANY spiderweb game and looks better to boot.

He's just priced himself right on out of the park for his games. Not a single one of them is worth more than $20. (And to use your own argument against you go look at the pricing on his OLD(ancient) games…) His engine's incredibly tired and crufty(never even approaching Ultima VII level, at best being more like Ultima VI's engine), and I actually prefer his older game mechanics from the Exile series along with larger parties.

I gave up on his games after the first Avernum version(a rehash of Exile I no matter what he claims — very little new other than a crappier game mechanics system) and the first Geneforge(just never liked that setting at all and it still used very similar to Avernum mechanics).

The Eschalon games are better and more reasonably priced to boot to compare Spiderweb to another indy…

To get any sort of value he really needs to get a better bundle pricing like he used to have back when he was doing the Exile games… His games just don't inflate in value like he seems to think.

TQ: Yes. It's a down and dirty ARPG, expect no story just alot of grinding and ph4t 1007.
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