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July 8th, 2008, 18:45
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HoI has exposition? Are we playing the same game?
Just those little yellow historical snippets that pop up, where you have to make a choice. I just skip down to see what the consequences are insted of reading the text. Less talk, more gaming. This is MY history now, punks; I'll rewrite it when I'm done.

How should this be accomplished, "putting" a story into the gameplay - or executing it from the gameplay ?
It's an interesting challenge. I'm happy to credit any approach that doesn't involve me reading pages of text, or worse, listening to voice actors. (At some point, somebody fooled game designers into thinking that sitting in your chair listening to a speech is a different sort of gameplay than sitting in your chair reading a speech. I want to catch that person on fire.) Consider: we now have graphics that are better than the cut scenes of old. Whatever you used to be able to express with a cinematic, you should be able to express while I'm playing.

Gosh, I guess what I'm saying is: Show, don't tell. I must be the first person in the universe to have thought up that piece of advice. How'd I get so smart?
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