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August 27th, 2018, 14:52
Originally Posted by JackOfOwls View Post
I've only owned one hardware product from MSI and they taught me a valuable lesson about never buying factory overclocked video cards ever again. I had their Nvidia GTX 660 Ti OC edition and it would constantly crash because it was factory overclocked beyond the ideal specs. Ironically I had to use their MSI Afterburner software to underclock it by 10% to get it back to stable specifications. I do like that software though. Still use it today with my Asus GTX 1070 card in fact.
Yes, that could be an issue, although I haven't experienced it personally.

I too like Afterburner for its overclocking/underclocking capabilities and I also use it as a usage monitor. In tandem with RivaTuner it is almost perfect for on-screen monitoring in games but I've also set it up as a temperature and usage monitor in my system tray:

I can easily glance over and check my temps and which cores are used when I'm doing some CPU-intensive (green numbers and bars) or GPU-intensive (pink/purple) work. The yellow bar is my RAM usage. The only things bothering me are lack of CPU voltage monitoring and the fact that these numbers get rearranged every time I log in so I have to arrange them how I like them, every single time . It takes ~10 seconds so it's not a big deal, though.
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