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January 18th, 2010, 17:07
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
There… I fixed that for you.
You're right, forgot one of the franchises

Star Wars, although enjoyable (do not EVER mention the three rip-off movies that were made because of pure greed, giving mankind such pure, unadultered filth and evil as J..-J.. B…s) are more swashbuckling than classic sci fi.
My opinion, mind you

Ah well, before ME2 I have promised myself to continue my effort in finishing classics.

Last one on that list was DX (took me three years from installing first time to playing it through, but it was worth it) next stop:
Planescape Torment!

Concerning ME2, Ive tried to stay as far away from the hype machine as possible, to get an unbiased experience.

OT, it is very complicatesd tryiin,g00000000000 to write with a 15 month toddlver on you lap

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