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November 9th, 2012, 04:11
Out of all recent modern games I've played, the one that I thought handled music the best was the first Two Worlds. When you're in the wilderness, there's nothing. Maybe some long, barely discernable chords here and there. But once you enter a town, the music would start up to serenade you while you did more mundane things around town like walk around, shop, and talk to folks.

By itself, that made a great system, but what made it extra special was that there were some REALLY great compositions in that game. I have the rather shallow view that good music depends on a good melody hook, and there were some real gems in that game. Often, I would dally around town a little longer than I needed to just in case one of my favorites came back up.

In terms of all games of all times, for me nothing compares to the Ultima games on a Commodore system. It's been…what…25 or 30 years now, and I can still hum 3 or 4 of those songs off the top of my head. The Ultima 4 intro, the town music, the underworld from Ultima 5… just great, great stuff.

Too often, games today use music to try and set a mood, but I just find that boring. I much prefer when there's a good melody, and when some work is done to find a good place for it in the world to add to specific experiences.
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