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April 3rd, 2013, 14:13
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I'm glad to hear it runs well on low-end hardware - but I think this is a game that's begging to be experienced on a big screen with max details. There are some beautiful textures and great DX11 depth of field effects. The city of Columbia is not something you want to miss out on in all its glory.
Oh, I totally agree - my point isn't that I was able to hobble through it on crap hardware, but rather that I am *astounded* at how well the team did scaling the experience across hardware.

As I mention, I loaded it up on my gaming laptop and the HP, and fully expected it to be like when I tried Deus Ex: Invisible War on a laptop when it first came out - i.e. crap, but functional. Instead, I got a gorgeous experience that made it worthwhile to see and allowed me to play and replay on a work business trip where I couldn't have managed the gaming laptop.
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