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March 11th, 2019, 22:56
My, skavenhorde, Brian, you handsome guy, I remember you, though I am sure you don’t know who I am. Never mind.

The things that happened to you would drive anyone nuts, and here you are, despite everything, talking about your plans and goal. Unbelievable. You’re so strong, Brian! Chapeau!

Thank you for this update, the details, the YouTube video, and the link to the OCR.

Indeed, people are not vermin, and I am so sorry America has so many people out on the streets that deserve a home, medication/treatment, and support. Acknowledgement. Appreciation. Human contact.

Maybe a stupid question, but how come you have internet? I gather from your story (building app for homeless people) that being homeless in the USA does not necessarily mean you are offline? Are you online all of the time, or do shelters or health centers offer this possibility?
1. It's not what you say - it is the way you say it.
Lovely 2 minute video: 'Change your words, change your world'

2. Getting a YouTube video loaded and other BB codes, see this post
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