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March 12th, 2019, 07:36
I just lost like a reply to you guys that took me a few hours to write everything I wanted to say then redo it and just like my writing now I'm always cutting and adding where needed. A perfectionist it seems. Never thought that was me, but given something I truly care about and I will do it to the best of my ability and you guys made me break down and cry in Starbucks. All of you I owe a debt i can never repay because you've given me something I sorely needed Friendship and understanding.

To all of you thank you. my god thank you.

Eye a woman hasn't called me handsome in a long time because everyone just sees the cart or the .,,,,,they just see the bum and not the man. Goggamn if someone isn't laughing their butt off at me now. I finally understand I actually am good looking and now I can't do anything about that because I am a bum. We aren't really seen. We might be on the edge of perception, .but never truly seen/

Oh well gtg before they tell me to move along thankj you all . Thank you
Despite all my rage.
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