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March 12th, 2019, 11:18
Aw, you made me cry reading this. Thank you for going through so much trouble just to let us know how are you, your daily situation and to tell us about your thoughts and feelings. I went to bed thinking about you, wondering where you might be, and this morning getting up I thought the same. I am so sorry there is an ocean, and more, between my country and yours, and I can not help to change your situation bringing long-term solutions. I really hope you’ll get a house soon. It’ll be a world’s change, a new start, I’m sure. I’m glad the director of SOS is your friend. And that you have managed to better your situation, getting medication, a cart, some money, and new friends.
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I just lost like a reply to you guys that took me a few hours to write everything I wanted to say then redo it and just like my writing now I'm always cutting and adding where needed. A perfectionist it seems.
Aw no, we don’t need a perfect reply, any reply will do! Getting A reply is already making us happy.
Next time you just post it write away. Forget about the mistakes it has, you can always do an edit if your perfectionist me insists. (I know, because my English sucks, and especially at times like these I find it less than satisfying).
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Aw, you made me cry reading thi Never thought that was me, but given something I truly care about and I will do it to the best of my ability and you guys made me break down and cry in Starbucks. All of you I owe a debt i can never repay because you've given me something I sorely needed Friendship and understanding.

To all of you thank you. my god thank you.
We, I speak for all I ‘m sure, thank you. What you are doing… that is quite a contrast with us typing in a comfortable chair. It is much harder for you to communicate with us and we thank you for going through the trouble just to let us know you have read our replies, and how you felt about that. Thank you! What we did was easy. You’re the one that is doing something that demands real strength and perseverance.
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Eye a woman hasn't called me handsome in a long time because everyone just sees the cart or the .,,,,,they just see the bum and not the man.
I saw you talking in the video, I saw you at the cart in the video, and just thought: my, that is a pretty guy. Perhaps I am one of the few saying it, but I am sure I am not the only one thinking that. You ARE good looking.
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Goggamn if someone isn't laughing their butt off at me now. I finally understand I actually am good looking and now I can't do anything about that because I am a bum. We aren't really seen. We might be on the edge of perception, .but never truly seen/
You are not a bum. You had bad luck. (On top of it, you had bad luck in the USA.) Lady Fortuna did not treat you well the last couple of years, multiple times, but that does not make you a bum! If you really think so you don’t see yourself truly.
Aren’t you fighing to achieve something? Not just for you but for people like you, just missing a place of your own, and for those like us? A bum wouldn’t do that? You are beautiful! Probably a better person than you once were, when you were living in Taiwan?

Not being seen. Yes. I can’t even imagine how it feels when people, that are afraid when looking at someone that lost his home… those people, yes, they don’t see you, they just see themselves: being afraid they will be robbed or tricked or get ill, or… I guess. But I am sure you can word it far better than me.
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Oh well gtg before they tell me to move along thankj you all . Thank you
Thank YOU, skavenhorde. You are in my thoughts.
1. It's not what you say - it is the way you say it.
Lovely 2 minute video: 'Change your words, change your world'

2. Getting a YouTube video loaded and other BB codes, see this post
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