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March 12th, 2019, 17:59
Skavenhorde? Hmmm…Skavenhorde. I know Skavenhorde!

He was only one of the few guys around here over the years who could make me laugh on a regular basis. Good to hear from you, man.

Holy shit, Skavenhorde. That's a hell of a story. I'm sorry things took that left turn for you out of nowhere. In some small way, I know a little of what you're going through…but not really.

There was a week when my neurologist and I were both convinced I had MS. Now, I don't get scared very easily in general, but that scared the living shit out of me. Turns out I only had a severe vision problem.

I was also once homeless….for about 2 days….so, once again, not really. While I don't think my experience really counts, I can say those two days were amongst the most uncomfortable of my life. It wasn't physical discomfort (I can deal with that), but it messes with your head, simply knowing you have nowhere to go, amongst other things you've already mentioned. I imagine it's hard to maintain the sense of self over more time than I had on the streets.

And I'm sure you don't need to hear it from me, but you and Ghandi are right: love is the answer. It has become apparent to me in recent years, although I still struggle with it myself, that love is a simple choice we can all make for ourselves. When we do, it is often surprising how much love comes back to us in return.

I hope you keep coming back to Starbucks to check in around here once in a while, Skavenhorde.
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