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October 17th, 2016, 10:10
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American Frontier aka "Wild West"- (mid 1800's USA) There's barely any Wild West RPGs, yet the setting seems to have great RP opportunities… Could take place on a segment of the Oregon Trail. Potential conflict / alliances with with bandits, local law enforcement, Native American tribes, etc. Hopefully firearms would be much more deadly than in Conquistadors.
That's pretty good idea, though I would keep it more to the Frontier rather than Wild West (so more like Revenant rather than a typical western). BTW check out Hard West for an RPG set in wild west (though it has some Lavcrafrian part to it).

I am all Middle Ages guy myself so something related to the Crusades comes to my mind as well (though not sure how it can work with the party-based system).
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