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November 18th, 2014, 14:16
Steam Early access versions are released versions.
Percentage of released versions whose final versions meet the specifications peddled to sell the product, how to tell?
Comparison between the marketed features to raise funds and the features present in the final version, how?

Between the changes pushed by players' lobbies and various tricks used to avoid staring at the product at it is, how?

For example, when a studio tells that the final version of the product will include the possibility to shoot through windows, and that in the end, this possibility is included because you can also shoot through walls, leading them to cover up by stating they never explicitly declared that you could not shoot through walls, only that you could shoot through windows, how to establish whether the final version meets the peddled specifications?

All SEA releases manage to hit the final version. That is the only conclusion.

And what alternatives? Return to the publisher model that screen out projects that should not release any way, when releasing failed games, broken games, non games raise economical activity and Steam can take their cut in the process?

Early Access has only been around for 1 1/2 years and most games take at least 2 years or longer to be made.
Some games already hit their final version.
Beside, useless to speak of the final version in the light of announced specifications.
Another point: another song sung is that game developpment does not take two years but three, four years. This is the song sung when studios enter the second year in developpment and are forced to face reality they are no way near the point they told they would be.
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