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Default D&D Character building and other NWN2 advice

July 4th, 2013, 11:07
After an embarrassingly long abstinence from serious gaming I thought I'd bite the bullet and finally give NWN 2 a proper go. I picked it mainly due to MotB's reputation (I'd kill for anything that reminds me of PS:T, + it should be even better VO'd) and while I know (or at least have read) that the OC is not a requirement I'm willing to give it a go.

I am however an absolute D&D noob. I'm only completed KOTOR1&2 (irrelevant?) and PS:T (and that with a character build guide at hand and Dak'kon + Morte doing the heavy lifting). I messed around with Baldurs Gate 2, Icewind Dale and NWN a long long time ago but never enough to get to know the rules well. Due to PS:T I am familiar with the concepts of THCA0 and AC but that's about it.

So I come to you for help and advice. Unlike PS:T in which high WIS and INT characters were quite clearly preferred NWN2 has about 4 times the choices I'm used to While I'm not in it for the ruleset, I know that I generally prefer mages and making the most out of the social opportunities and therefore I'm fairly confident that I need to get a wizard with high WIS, INT and CHA yet the specifics are lost on me.

If there's anyone willing to drop a few hints or even suggest a built/plan that would most importantly enable me to RP in quests and secondly be decent in combat I'll be thankful. I also want to be fairly cautious because the character can afaik be imported into MotB which I care more about and would rather the transition be as good as possible both in gameplay and story terms (if possible?).

On another note: While I have been and will continue to scan this subforum for any kind of advice I'd appreciate you dropping any hints that could make my playthough better. From technical tweaks to in-game trivia. I've so far installed the game on my SSD due to the numerous loading screens and armed myself with enough patience to deal with the slow start and the horrible camera.

Thanks for reading!
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