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July 7th, 2008, 07:33
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So if I am understandiing correctly what all of you told me then I need to carefully explore, run tasks/fulfill quests, and gain points (without getting killed too often in the process) before committing. Right?
Getting killed is only a problem if you donīt have a collection of save games.
You can play more straight forward, but itīs easier if you move on slower, slay a few minor creatures here and there to gain a level and also do quests for the other camps.
Sometimes you have to make quest related decisions during a dialog. Donīt expect to get a second chance to accept an offer. Choices have consequences.

And then once I commit to stay on the path. If I stray are there warnings?
Will the story line dictate when it is demanded of me to commit?
Donīt worry about that.
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