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July 17th, 2008, 02:20
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I will still need to equip said lockpick, correct?
No, it should be enough to have at least one lockpick in the inventory. Then simply use the crate. PC_Hero should kneel in front of it and wait for left-right input.
The lockpicking skill enhances the chance that a lockpick will survive a wrong move. So strictly speaking it´s not necessary to invest skill points here.
The gothic.ini includes an option to scramble the locks after each reload, if you prefer it that way.

By the way, Alrik, I did find that sword and it wasn't until I got into camp that I discovered it causes considerable more damage than a pic ax.
Close to the starting position was a teleport rune to be found, I think. You could also climb up a hill an collect some loot.

And, yes, I certainly am saving often.
Quicksave can be activated in the gothic.ini, AFAIR. Use at your own risk and avoid doing it during interaction of any kind. Don´t forget to make a regular save as backup every 30 minutes or so.

Originally Posted by Rills View Post
By the way, my game version is 1.08j So does anyone know if this is tha latest of G1 versions?
1.08k should be the latest. I uploaded it to our server some time ago, together with the fps-patch to unlock the frame rate. An unofficial texture pack can also be found somewhere. The search function should reveal how to install this stuff.

I have to admit: I don't like the game controls one bit. I am sure I will eventually get used to them but I find they significantly take away from the game play.
This impression will change. Just remember that "Action key + forward" does almost everything. The combat will get more attractive when your character knows more sophisticated tactics.

A little hint: You can find two people in the ring who offer to escort you to the other camps. Acccept their offer immediately. They´ll wait until you are ready. Follow them and stay 10m behind. They´ll clean the roads for you and you´ll get the xp.
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