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February 15th, 2018, 22:49
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
Aren't sites like these frowned upon by developers i.e. they sell for less than the recommended price, "take money from our babies' mouths" etc etc? I looked at the Steam price (local) and that was pretty much $60 (when converted to my currency - doesn't show me dollars) I also looked *cough* at G2A, and it was $60 there. I'll wait for the price to drop before I check back - that also has the benefit of giving time for bug fixing and for poor (imho) design decisions (like schnapps saving…) to be patched out.
That is not what those sites do, those sites offer versions of the game from different countries. Different countries have different prices and taxes for games. These sites just offer the cheapest price from the cheapest country.

That said devs/publishers dont like it depending on how low the prices are. I bought Witcher 3 for $20 from IIRC the Russian versions of GoG I think, they didnt like it so they refunded me the payment and let me play the game for free. But now that I deleted the game from GoG I no longer have it.
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