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August 8th, 2012, 05:45
Ok here's an update, I have tried with 2 more mice.

CM Storm Spawn - exactly same negative acceleration, no acceleration in other games.

Logitech M90 - got positive acceleration in game, however I get positive acceleration in any other game as well.
Maybe it's the odd 1000DPI, but honestly I think it's just a crappy sensor.

Ok I have spend many hours now on this issue, even went out and bought some mice just to try - I pretty much have no idea why this is happening …
I'm leaning towards badmofo's explanation it's poor engine implementation (maybe deep shadows didn't even separate input to different threads)
I do notice it's not acceleration per se but more like input lag, if I move the mouse really really fast it barely moves at all ! (I guess that's what really annoys me)

I have finished boiling point several times and really enjoyed it, but there's simply no possible solution to this problem, maybe when I upgrade my pc I'll try it again, who knows.
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