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October 5th, 2018, 01:37
Originally Posted by Zogar Sag View Post
I felt the same! Loading screens every other minute! And what's worse - it is just tiny small zones, what there is to load for so long?!
I read of people, who already gave up on game after getting their kingdom and forced to go from loading screen to loading screen to just play few seconds and …off to next loading screen. I'm not that far, but sounds depressing - it is like i must buy a new computer to run this game smoothly, while game itself isn't nowhere near Kingdom Come Deliverance, but asks almost for same hardware! wtf?!

It just shows that Pathfinder Kingmaker is another rushed, unopimized game thrown out in the market.
Yep they range from a few seconds to a few minutes. Still not as bad as Tyranny at least. Guess I'm spoiled from Witcher III and most recently Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

As a game in 2018 should not have loading screens for every map and house.
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