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May 7th, 2019, 09:28
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
It seems I missed these two along the way :/ I'm in Chapter 2 already.
EDIT: Actually, I did meet them, but they chose to go with the purple bad guy because of some choice I made back at the original castle. Alignment evil/chaotic, I'd guess, which is why Linzi and Valerie are with me.
You should have chance to persuade them to join you either at the ancient tomb or sycamore cave.

ItI just found the gnome alchemist last evening, and while I like his character, he has so far proven ineffective at everything but lighting trolls, but it's early.
What?? Did you try using his bombs? He is a killing machine… in my husband's game, Jubilost's alchemist bomb made an easy work out of a lesser dragon (I think he took just 2 or 3 bombs to kill the dragon).

Originally Posted by Hexprone View Post
Does it actually matter to her personal quest whether Amiri fights Tuskgutter solo?
Nope. My whole party joined in to help her kill Tuskgutter and I could progress with her story/quest without any problem.
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