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August 19th, 2007, 19:57
Voted "Maybe". While the game does look interesting, I do not have a system that can run it and I'm not about to spend the money to upgrade my computer for one game. Granted an upgrade would allow for more than one game to be played, but there's really nothing out there at the moment that makes me want to spend that kind of money.
Eventually I'll have a better system, and by that point games like BioShock and NWN2 will be super-cheap. I also haven't bought a game at release price in years, as every time I did, I wound up extremely disappointed. So now I see no point in spending more than I need to on a game, since it will be cheaper in 6 months, a year, whatever. And the game won't be any different. Seems really silly to me to buy games at release to be honest.
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