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November 10th, 2011, 01:56
Ah GameSpy. Ok so a PC Gamer staff member got to play a PC build of the game and none of your staff did - that's no reason for a grumpy filler piece.

Does anyone else think "Preliminary Verdict" is a bit too pompous of a way to say "Our Guess"?

I really wish they had made preview builds and images of the PC version available to journalists - even if they had decided to have them agree not to release any copies of those images until launch. Pretty much every article specifically about the PC version - particularly how it will compare to the console versions - is either speculation dressed up as analysis, link/flame bait, or 3 pages elaborating on the dozen possible meanings of one or more vague phrases uttered by Todd Howard. That goes for articles speculating about the potential superiority of the PC version as well as the potential disappointment it could bring. Fine to put that stuff in your staff blog section, but its a little desperate to put it with your articles.

Even the December issue of PC Gamer - with information from a staffer who has played an earlier PC build of the game - is pretty vauge. I'm going to be lazy and repost the bullet points from this post about it (…er_Info%3F_Yes. ) but you can find the digital copy of the issue like I have and this is about all the clear-ish info in it:

-graphical quality was described as ‘impressive’, even though he was playing an early build and it will have been further tweaked
- trees, vegetation, rocks and plants look ‘near photorealistic’ and there was no discernible aliasing on the textures
- entering caves and dungeons ‘takes seconds’ (compare to some of the loading times in leaked footage of the 360 version)
- you press’F’ to favourite an item, this opens up a sub-menu where you can hotkey a favourite to a number
- you can set the autosave to between 5 and 15 minutes
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