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November 23rd, 2021, 13:33
White Pond Games posted a healthy update about the development of Urban Strife.

Urban Strife - November 2020 Development Update

Health/Wounds, Immolation, Stamina with Pain and Exhaustion Systems Explained

What is new

Life & Body Parts Health

Urban Strife is about combat and survival so all things considered, we decided to turn health into a system, instead of a character stat. LIFE, or overall health, has a very special meter. Life meter is, of course, critical because once it reaches zero, you are dead. This being said, body parts have their own internal HP too and damage received by them is weighted differently when applied to a NPC's life. For example, a head shot will do about 3x damage to global health, but a wounded hand will have a much smaller effect. This makes body armor (that protects the head and the torso) way more important and leaving the limbs exposed avoids the Juggernaut effect (which is not desirable in a survival, low-tech game). Killing an armored enemy simply by attacking the limbs is a difficult feat, but bleeding and crippling will severely impact his/her combat ability so at least you have a fighting chance.


Any attack type can generate a bleed tick so for each wound you will lose a small amount of HP, over time. Of course, a blade will cause worse bleeding than a blunt weapon. If someone in your group is bleeding, that character will try to remind you, from time to time, to patch him/her up. You should do so because, while not overly aggressive (unless you are full of holes), bleeding drains from global health directly, no matter where the wound is located. This can cause massive life loss if left unattended. First because these "bleeding ticks" are cumulative so more holes means more gushing blood. Second because it will take a while for the bleeding to stop on its own and the wound to close. If you bandage early, you'll avoid losing a lot of HP and keep fighting. Of course, trauma itself will remove a portion of your life, too. So trying to bounce bullets off your chest is still a bad idea.

Bandages and Medical Kits […]

Immolation […]

Crippling Effects & Damage Types […]

Stamina, Pain and Exhaustion […]

Items: Stacks vs Containers […]

New Enemy Types […]
More information.
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