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Default Let's Opera with (the incredibly classy) Vii Zafira! Il Trovatore.

April 25th, 2012, 05:23
I just fell into the first of my obligatory yearly emo-ings and started pondering the meaning of life until I discovered it was "fashion" and "being pretty" and spent a couple of weeks doing nothing but working out and reading korean fashion magazines while being sad because there's no way I'm getting a little mole under my left eye without infernal pacts. @_@

Sorry 'bout that.

Just give me a couple of days to get my much prettier now butt back into translating mode and get my accounts in order. I forgot the passwords of most.

@ Mrowak

I'm always impressed about how much you react just like those of my friends who have known me since I was smallish. "She went off again? Nah, don't worry. She'll come when she's hungry or lonely."

Tell me more, tell me more… Like, does he have a car?

Let's opera! Il Trovatore.
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