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April 28th, 2012, 01:30
Originally Posted by Sukeban Cho View Post
Thank for the upload BC I liked the first part - at least audially, though by the looks of it the second part is better. Unfortunatelly I didn't get to listen to the second part because I got "this video is unavailable in your country", and no amount of proxy servers helps with that. Weird. Must be the new YouTube anti-proxy thing.

Anyway, I unfortunatelly skipped listening to that part and read only your translation, though to me it seemed the most interesting bit. Funny thing how Manrico rushes to rescue his mother leaving his lover, whom he promised eternal love, behind. Must be the heroic thing.

Now we have to wait for Leonora to try to commit suicide out of longing for our intrepid heroe. Also, nice to see how the count sends whole armies after her, defying the odds with burning passion…

@ Mrowak

I'm always impressed about how much you react just like those of my friends who have known me since I was smallish. "She went off again? Nah, don't worry. She'll come when she's hungry or lonely."

I will take that as an undeserved compliment. I am just glad that things are looking up for you. Keep at it. And take your time.
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