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September 15th, 2018, 00:30
It seems odd playing this old relic again. I went with Dwarf Hunter, Half-Orc Monk, Elf Bard, Hobbit Rogue, Gnome Conjurer, and two Elf Magicians.

Magicians get Quick Fix, giving substantial healing early on, and by L5 have Starflare, which is handy for clearing groups of enemies out quickly. They'll switch to Sorcerer together at 13, with the Conjurer switching to Magician. My goal is to end them as Conjurers, because it's funny, and the Gnome ending as a Sorcerer.

I may ditch the Rogue later and swap in a Paladin. It's nice not having to TRZP everything, but at the same time, I'd be better served with a Paladin or Monk instead. On the other hand, if I keep playing through 2 and 3, I'll need to develop a Rogue eventually.
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