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April 6th, 2019, 23:57
My play through with Wulver Blackfur, a Tiefling (in the world of Skyrim that would be a human with some distant Daedric blood … which is psuedo lore friendly because if you look through TES lore you can find some examples of humans that mated with Daedra).

Anyhow he is a rogue (stealth, daggers, bow, lockpick) and mage (destruction, illusion). Currently in Riften working on the Goldenglow Estate quest for the guild. He will be with the TG for a bit before heading to the College.

The Tiefling Race is my own mod I made. He is accompanied by his wolf, Grim, which is a mod I edited (Dynamic Wolf Follower mod), and Thrynn (from the TG, another mod I made to have Thrynn as a follower). Late he will pick up Mila - a fox, based on the fox mod Evee. Grim and Mila are the names of my two german shepherds in real life.

Wulver has a blessed, or cursed, eye which appears blind but the runes under his eye (which I did myself, written in the Dragon tongue which spells out True Sight) let him see things as they truly are - i.e. through illusions and invisibility. It also has the bad side of piercing the veil into other dimensions which can be disconcerting and troublesome at times.

He also has a wolf hybrid form that comes from his Daedric side which suggests maybe some of the distant Daedra blood in his past is related to Hircine.

I use the five o'clock shadow mod which I love as his beard grows a bit each day and I have to shave it. It is dynamic so I love that his beard changes a little throughout game play.

Dragon Language

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