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July 17th, 2019, 11:42

I have also my OpenSuse Linux machine - my previous gaming machine, so it indeed has sufficient power. I could try to see how that would work, just as an experiment - won't, unlike buying a new NAS, cost me any money. If that works OK, I can always get me a cheap dedicated server at a later stage. I have 4 6Gb disks available. If I had bought a NAS box, I would have set them up in either a RAID 5 or RAID 10 configuration. I see that ZFS support both, despite "ZFS uses odd (to someone familiar with hardware RAID) terminology" (according to http://www.zfsbuild.com/2010/05/26/zfs-raid-levels/).

Sadly, I don't know as much about Linux as I used to. So if you would answer a few questions, that would be fine - just to get me in the right direction.
  1. How would I access the RAID from windows clients. Samba? I assume I can set up the usual home/public/other shares.
  2. A NAS box typically comes with two gigabit network interfaces, which can be linked. Is that possible with a Linux/ZFS setup?
  3. A NAS box can be set up to use an SSD as a cache (The Synology I'm considering suppports M.2s for that purpose). Can that be done on Linux/ZFS?
  4. Applications: On my NAS I've been using among the following applications: iTunes server, Plex server. Are these available under linux? I won't ask about mysql-server and source control, as I would be very surprised if those were not avaliable.
pibbur who no doubt will come up with other questions.

PS: No promises. I'm still leaning towards an-easy-to-setup commerical NAS box. DS.
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