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June 9th, 2012, 17:10
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I know but we given our money to bethesda so I think it's their job to do it
They balance for what they find to be the majority of players, people who don't necessarily enjoy the kind of balance we might enjoy. In my case, I'm only having fun when I die and reload all the time, so the game gets to be a bit too easy on Master at higher levels. After installing Deadly Dragons, Deadly Combat, Real Wildlife, PISE, Frostfall, Dynamic Injuries, NPCPerks, etc., I'm getting my ass kicked and having a ball.

I would imagine, if the average person who purchased Skyrim turned on their game and it was like my experience, they would hate it.

That's the beauty of games with awesome modding communities, you can tailor the experience to precisely whatever kind of gameplay it is that you personally enjoy.

The third-person view of Skyrim was a vast improvement over previous Bethesda games, but you’d still be hard-pressed to find players who prefer it to first-person.
This is simply the personal opinion of the author. Quite a lot of people prefer third person view at least part of the time. I think many enjoy the benefit of seeing what your character looks like with that cool new armor equipped, etc..

Lots of people switch back and forth, often using first person for firing a bow, etc. In my view, the melee animations for third person view look much better, as you can see the entire arc of your sword swing, etc. If I'm playing a vampire lord or a werewolf, I'd rather be able to see these cool character models.

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I complete 3 playthroughs so far on master difficulty with 3 very different characters and on all of them game become easy somewhere around 20 level and become joke around around 30(for example my 1h+shield warrior could kill elder dragon in less than 10 power attacks)I think enemies need group tactics(buffing one another etc.), healing pots need cool-down and some skills like backsmithing need nerf.
Yes, I completely agree - even though I never exploited crafting skills (only used one crafting skill for each character and the skill was very low), previously I started over each time at around level 30. However, for my fourth character I finally installed some of the mods I mentioned above and now I'm having a lot more fun at higher levels. Also, as I mentioned in a previous thread, the USKP fixes a serious leveling bug that caused all the civil war quests to be too easy if you are above level 10 or so. You might want to install ASIS and Deadly Combat, which greatly improve the enemy A.I. (NPCs use potions, better spells and heal their allies, etc.)
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