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October 3rd, 2017, 09:16
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My main character - not Fane - can get apotheosis (I meet the req) but does it reset your skill cooldowns? A lot of high level skills have long cooldowns and I may well have used them already (although I suppose if I had it, I'd be more careful…also the skill book was very expensive and I've spent most of my gold on armour upgrades - which make a huge difference in this game) . Fane only has 2 points in poly sadly - so he can fly! - and I don't want to respec him since he's a geomnantic and aerotheugic powerhouse :-) (when he survives to use it - absolutely shite physical armour until his has a chance to buff, and this game hates prebuffs). But I'm doing quite will now that I have decent armour etc - most fights are quite OK
No, Apotheosis doesn't reset anything, so you use it as the first skill in turn 1. After that, you can cast Time Warp for "free" (still costs AP, but no Source), to get an extra turn in turn 1, and spend both that extra turn and the next turn burning through abilities that are normally quite heavy on Source. Chain Lightning? Check. Thunderstorm? Check. Meteor Shower? Check. Normally, that's about 8 Source points, but you can now do all three of them.
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