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May 22nd, 2018, 08:14
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While we are speculating let me throw this in. I think Larian are making an Ultima. Mike Laidlaw has been hanging out with Swen Vincke. Mike used to work for EA/Bioware who owns the Ultima IP. He would know the people to talk to. Swen is a big fan of Ultima. Lots of writers have been recruited to work on an RPG and they are saying its a property they want to write for. It could be D&D but I think it is Ultima. Plus Mike has been throwing out Ultima references on Twitter lately.

I have no evidence for this but…Larian have been very successful with an Ultima like IP in D:OS. Who better when EA needs to resurrect its reputation alot.
Don't really care as current Larian games don't interest me anymore.

So here's my speculation. Larian will grow to large, get to ambitious, and in the end will have money problems once again. It's the same problem this developer always faces.

Just read and watch the various blog posts, and panel videos for evidence.
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